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Importance of Proper Mulching

Why You Must Apply Mulch in Your Yard

Having a well-groomed lawn can be a great benefit to your property. It is a healthy addition to what you see and can increase your home’s curb appeal. Furthermore, it’s also a vital aspect of landscaping because it helps reduce soil erosion and helps keep the grass thicker and greener. You can accomplish this by leaving small strips of grass or mulch on the soil below the grass clippings. Mulch applied properly can produce beautiful results. Also, here is the importance of mulching.

Add Organic Matter

Mulch is dead mulch. It will cover up any weed growth and smother them. If you have a healthy lawn, you can use organic mulch. Organic mulch includes organic grass clippings, leaves, and shredded leaves. It is a great organic source of mulch. So, consider this when you have a beautiful outdoor space.

Keep Insects Away

The other reason for using mulch is to keep away insects. It’s a perfect defense against them. Insects find it hard to crawl over the mulch. They stick to the yard and reach your flowers and grass. If you ignore this, you might have a big problem in the future. So, you must be extra careful. And consider applying mulch with the help of professionals.

Drainage Improvement

Mulch will improve your drainage. It sinks to the root level. It’s not only great for your landscape. But it’s also good for your lawn’s health. The water will drain away from your plants, causing less stress and less fertilizer consumption. However, you must consult professionals first before you do the task alone.

The Right Soil Improving

Mulch improves the soil structure. It helps to retain moisture and nutrients. After a few weeks, the soil structure will improve. It will also prevent soil erosion. You can even add your soil to it. It will enhance your lawn.

Do you want to apply mulch in your yard? If yes, let our team help you. We offer excellent and affordable mulching service. So what are you waiting for? Start using mulch in your landscaping. If you are in Middletown, NY, you can always count on Alonso Landscaping and Construction to do the job. Call us at (845) 283-9604 now!

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